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The Core Team


Josh Bailey

A man passionate about environmental issues and in particular energy generation. This passion "fuels" his PhD work on hydrogen fuel cells and his Master’s in Chemistry from Oxford University certainly comes in handy. He co-leads the public engagement group UCell, taking their fuel cell stack to a variety of events to engage the public around renewables and sustainability and believes PPL PWR can enable different research groups to come together to talk with the public at festivals.


Adam Russel Cane

A true believer in a greener economy and a festival goer for a number of years. As a true eco-warrior, he frequently campaigns for Greenpeace and a great handy man, building no end of inventions for PPL PWR installations. Not surprisingly therefore, Adam is a civil engineer by trade and is currently undertaking a Master’s Degree in Renewable Energy and Energy Management and considers education as a cornerstone of his philosophy and PPL PWR.


Amanda Campbell

An entrepreneurial eco-warrior, relentlessly driven by environmental and social causes and she has one guilty pleasure…MUSIC FESTIVALS! It was here, that her eyes were opened to the reality of waste at festivals, pushing her to design the first compostable tent and so Comp-A-Tent was born. A graduate from Architectural and Interdisciplinary Studies at University College London, her entrepreneurial spirit has taken her to Uganda and Kenya, working one-to-one to develop and implement sustainable agricultural growth for farmers.


James Molkie

With a background in Disruptive Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurism, Molkie provides consultancy on branding, business strategy and design assets. In essence a wizard, he uses his magic at Comp-A-Tent HQ, and joined PPL PWR through this. His belief that sustainability should be a given; not a compromise, means he has joined PPL PWR to empower the people and push awareness into the public consciousness. Some say he gained his power studying in China, others whilst living in rural East Africa – or maybe it was during his time living in rural Japan… わからない (」・ω・)」


Anna Hands

A long history of sustainability, through working with Cooke Associates in Sustainable Engineering. In 2016 Anna to created GreenConnect, a network across UCL to facilitate sustainability projects, through which she became part of PPL PWR. She is currently undertaking a a PhD in Neuroscience at UCL, working on a new therapy to restore muscle function in ALS patients. Previously she has graduated with a BA in Biological Natural Sciences from Homerton College Cambridge.


Bernado Maza

Bernardo is a Chemical Engineer transitioning to International Development at UCL and for him, sustainability for him must be inclusive and holistic. Eager to promote and include sustainable measures in cities and communities, Bernardo is studying to learn the best ways to implement technologies to be most beneficial to the society and environment.


Romeo Malik

Romeo has worked on projects in India within in the renewable energy field, including various start-ups relating to battery manufacturing, mining consultancy, artificial photosynthesis. Romeo is currently a PhD student at Warwick University where his research focuses on advanced materials for lithium-ion batteries.


Chris Wood

Focusing on the sustainable recovery of useful chemicals and energy from industrial and domestic waste, his Ph.D in Chemistry definitely helped his research at Cambridge University in the labs of Prof. Jonathan Nitschke, into designing metal organic molecules that have the potential to trap and sequester pollutants. He's currenlty at Imperial College London, developing chemical and nanoparticle sensors for disease biomarker detection.

PPL PWR Partners

Founding organisations who donate time and members to run and plan events – check them out!



UCell are a team of PhD students, lecturers and industrial partners based in the Electrochemical Innovation Lab in UCL working on electricity production from hydrogen. The team’s aim is to bring future energy technologies into the present day by actively powering events around the country. UCell is also dedicated to engaging with the public; providing a unique opportunity for people to see and touch technologies that will play a vital part in near-future energy production.



We believe that festivals need not cost the earth. Comp-A-Tent is a 100% compostable tent, designed for festival-goers that leaves nothing but water, CO2 and humus – a nutrient rich soil, not the tasty food. We are building a business that takes on the responsibility of finding the means to allow our customers to truly engage in the festival spirit, without the burden of a long lasting cost to the earth.

PPL PWR Network

Businesses who we believe are giving sustainability a real go – check out their site and see what you can achieve together



Camplight is an independent campsite within a boundary at an event. Camplight rents out the standard camp equipment set up, ready and waiting for you when you arrive. As our prices suggest, we are not Glamping or Boutique; we’re just a piece of common sense, among the creative craziness of the brilliant festivals that we serve. To book with Camplight you need to buy your festival tickets first. Then place your order with us here. We provide some basic facilities outlined on “our Facilities” page. Our Campsites are always carefully located to be close to the action so that if you book with us you won’t lose that sought after location. We also offer group bookings and guest pitches so that even if you arrive after the event starts you will not lose that location with your mates near the action. Whether you are a family, a chiller or a hedonist we do our best to group you together. So don’t stress, just click your tent and travel light with just a weekend bag by foot, on bike, bus or train; have the holiday you deserve!

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As one of the UK’s leaders in renewable technology, we have over ten years experience in the solar sector, providing our customers across the country with dependable green solutions that not only save money, but also reduce carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels. Specialising in solar thermal systems to heat water, solar PV panels to generate electricity and heat pumps and biomass boilers to keep your home warm – we’ve got your utilities covered. At Navitron, we strive to offer top quality products and hassle-free installations that can help you start saving money right away.



Seacourt is a pioneer and World leader in environmental printed communications. Based in Oxford, ISO14001 and EMAS accredited since 1999, carbon neutral since 2001 and powered by 100% renewable energy, Seacourt is a three time recipient of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and the World’s first zero waste to landfill printing company. We’ve recently developed LightTouchTM – a World first printing process that combines water-free printing with LED instant drying to provide the most environmentally sympathetic form of mass communication there is. From business stationery to corporate communications of the highest quality Seacourt is the only Company doing it without damaging the environment.