DIY Renewables

It all started back in 2015 when I was helping out at a festival called RAW FEST, a raw Vegan festival. I’ve only just made it to vegetarian and sympathise with anyone noble enough to give up meat for ethical reasons. It’s hard work but very rewarding. At RAW FEST I was the ‘green chief’ assisting with everything green on the site. Making or at least trying to arrange: Energy Sources, composting toilets and renewably powered showers. This is what lead me to Camplight, Josh and PPL PWR.

The PEA Awards 2016!

Friday night saw PPL PWR head to Brighton for the PEA awards; a celebration of heroes and their companies making the world a better and greener place – And we had managed to get tickets!

The backdrop to this year’s events was the Brighton West Piers, its burnt out wreckage a reminder of the potential consequences if we don’t pursue the green revolution. It was hosted at the British Airways i360 Tower on the sea front, with the theme of the event being bright colours and African and Indian print – it was the perfect time to get my Ugandan shirt and my harem pants out of the Attic!