Do What Oxford Says, then Do What It Doesn’t: a Recipe for Food Sustainability

In 2013, Low Carbon Oxford weighed up the environmental impact of Oxford’s whole food supply chain in a report commissioned by the City of Oxford. Their study revealed startling statistics, for example that the city’s food system alone demands 398 million tonnes of water per year, requires 6.6 million gigajoules of fossil fuel energy – equivalent to £70 million worth of oil – and emits 380,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide yearly.

DIY Renewables

It all started back in 2015 when I was helping out at a festival called RAW FEST, a raw Vegan festival. I’ve only just made it to vegetarian and sympathise with anyone noble enough to give up meat for ethical reasons. It’s hard work but very rewarding. At RAW FEST I was the ‘green chief’ assisting with everything green on the site. Making or at least trying to arrange: Energy Sources, composting toilets and renewably powered showers. This is what lead me to Camplight, Josh and PPL PWR.