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A collective aiming to connect sustainable companies and provide public platforms through which innovative ideas and technologies can be shared.

PPL PWR is a rag-tag group of volunteers, researchers and organisations celebrating sustainable technologies and innovation.

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The aim of the collective is to inform and inspire people to engage with this research and create a space for both individuals and groups to share knowledge with each other. We will also provide opportunities for those involved to demonstrate and educate the public in a fun and engaging manner at festivals and other events.

How we Power Change

Get Involved

Festival Installations

Wanna get into festivals FOR FREE? Prove your worth as a PPL PWR volunteer and join us giving talks, demos or building our installations.


Come help out on one of our projects days, or join PPL PWR at Festivals. We always need the help of PPL who want to make the world a better, more sustainable place.

Project Leaders

The core team includes researchers, start-up and talented individuals. Between them they lead projects, share their knowledge and grow PPL PWR.

Green Businesses

PPL PWR supports organisations who are doing their bit to be green; building a network of like-minded businesses; providing insight & consultancy and connecting volunteers to opportunities.

Who we work with

The Knitty-Gritty